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FRANT ISAKSSON was launched after a three-year perfectionist journey aimed at sourcing rare and natural fabrics recognisable to the initiated.

The label’s stylistic proposition is built around wardrobe essentials (and more) born from a creative process serving timeless Savoir Faire of master weavers and façonniers.

Unveiling a genuinely beautiful simplicity, FRANT ISAKSSON aspires to reach an international audience that values its purposefully patient conception and naturally gravitates toward its quietness.


Our brushed cashmere pieces were created as a tribute to the unrivaled quality of the finest cashmere we have uncovered. A homage to this fibre created under extreme weather conditions in the coats of the Hircus goats roaming the Mongolian steppes and the Gobi desert, and which is shed naturally when the temperatures become more clement. 

A steadfast interest in respecting natural rhythm and a desire to shed light and value on fine workmanship have guided the label in its decision to surround itself with references in rare fibres from producers promoting rational and selective rearing. 

These guardians of secular know-how, who count more than six generations of tradition, play with the weight, delicacy and texture of the thread to ennoble a yarn that is already unique.

The cashmere fibre, pure spun and hand knitted in France, is proposed for large, enveloping items, overturning, for example, the stately image of the shawl.

Mixed with other luxury and natural fibres such as silk, cashmere also brings lighter consistencies to life, rendering them more suitable than ever for spanning the seasons.


Passionate about silk, FRANT ISAKSSON travels the world in search of the most exclusive yarns, from Brazilian forests to the Pearl River. Joining forces with the finest master weavers, the label’s ambition remains to create uniqueness for women in search of beauty.

Its creative process honors traditional craftsmanship, as evidenced by artistic partnerships between the young label and a handful of Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant established in the Lyon region, prime center of excellence for silk in France.

From the idyll between the precious material and these passionate craftsmen comes the idea of fuller figures enhanced by radical lines.

Silk that gracefully moves through time.

When modernity glorifies tradition.

© FRANT-isaksson
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